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Hello we are Bow and Remco and we are the founders of Blue Garden.


About Remco

For more then 12 years I have been living, studying and teaching in Asia and the last 8 years I have been teaching massage and Yoga in Chiang Mai.


I started practicing Yoga and Massage for the first time about 18 years ago during my first visit to India. The first Yoga course I did was a Shivananda course; here I learned the basics for Yoga. During this stay I did also my first massage course (Zen Shiatsu Massage) and learned the basic principles of Ayurvedic medicine during a stay at a local Hospital in the South of India.

When I came back to Holland I picked up my career in Advertising while I kept on studying Yoga and Meditation with local teachers and start giving massages to my friends. At that time I came across Kum Nye (a Tibetan form of Yoga), and Reiki (I, II and III).In 2000 I decided to deepen my spiritual journey and started to do several Vipassana 10 day retreats.


  • In 2000 I moved to Boudhanath Nepal (the center
    of Tibetan Bhuddism) to study Buddhist Philosophy at the Monastery of Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. After Nepal I moved to India (Himalayas) where I met
    my spiritual teacher (Ven. Khandro Rinpoche) and practiced under her guidance.

    In 2002 and 2004 I returned here to do retreats of several months. Between those retreats I studied and practiced Yoga with different teachers and Bhhuddism with different Tibetan Lama’s in both Nepal and India, In 2004 I did my first yoga teachers training in India with Yogacharya Vishwas Vasant Mandlik. In 2004 I came to Chiang Mai to study more massage. My plan was to study for three months and then move back to India. But after my first 10 weeks course at TMC (300 hours teachers training) I felt I wanted to study and practice Thai massage more.

    My next teacher was Mama Nit with her I studied for more then a month, but I still was not satisfied, I felt there was much more to learn. Then I met my main teacher; Pichette. My intention was to stay for a couple weeks, but I just stayed and stayed, in total for more then 9 months. From him I learned how to be intuitive while giving a massage, how to use my body in the right way, how give therapeutic massages and much more. Although I am teaching massage I still keep looking for new massages to learn. The last few years I also have specialized myself in Abdominal Chi Massage (Chi Nei Tsang. I studied this masssage with different teacher, among them Master Mantak Chia (Tao Garden). Furthermore I am also trying to improve myself as a yoga teacher taking as much classes with different teachers as possible

    After I finished my studies I started working as a Thai massage therapist and yoga teacher (and massage teacher). At first I opened a school (NAMO Chiang Mai) together with somebody else, and now with Blue Garden. Blue garden which already exist for 6 years now. In the last 7 years I trained a lot of students (both yoga and massage), many have become massage therapist and are working succesfullly in their country

    I guided many students both beginners and massage therapist (with many years of experience) to become good (Thai) Massage Therapist, Chi Nei Tsang practioners and received incredible feedback from my students. In my own experience massage, yoga and meditation are integrating beautifully together; practicing one deepens the knowledge of the other and vice versa.

    I would love to teach you.

  • Achievements

    ▪ Practicing Yoga for more then 17 years, and massage for14 years
    ▪ Certified Thai Massage teacher and Yoga teacher

  • ▪ Trained many students for the last 7 years in (Thai) Massage with amazing
    ▪ 1400 hours of Thai massage training and 8000+ hours masssage
    ▪ Founder and teacher of 1 other yoga/massage school in Chiang Mai
    ▪ Additional training in: Neck, Chest, Shoulder and head Massage
    ▪ Studied Abdominal Chi Massage (Chi Nei Tsang) with different teachers,
      among then Mantak Chia (Tao Garden)
    ▪ Trained in Zen Shiatsu
    ▪ Foot Reflexology













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